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Le site de MR CUTE se met à l'heure américaine à l'occasion de la MIAMI ART FAIR !

Provokes America !

The French duo of contemporary visual artists is set to make a significant impact at this year's Miami Spectrum Art Fair. Their collections are bound to stir up the American art scene without a doubt!  
Copie de Copie de Rendez vous à SPECTTRUM MIAMI.png

Each year, during the Miami Art Week in early December, 100,000 collectors from around the world converge to celebrate contemporary art. Not far from the Miami Art Basel, the RED DOT MIAMI - SPECTRUM MIAMI will take place at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center from December 6th to 10th, 2023. 

With over 100,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space, Spectrum Air Fair Miami stands as a premium urban contemporary art fair, showcasing international artists.

Mr Cute, known as Michel and Jean François Mignon, has been a part of various art exhibitions in Europe this year, most recently at the International Contemporary Art Salon in Paris from September 22nd to 24th and the 

Lausanne Art Fair, which ran from September 28th to October 1st. Their aim is to present their new works and expand their presence on the international stage.

Their objective: to conquer the American market & present their new works to develop internationally.



Michel and Jean FrançoisMignon are Mr Cute presenting the oil and collage artwork“Mrs. Kennedy'"

About Mr Cute.

The urgency of living before the game over

Mr Cute represents the collaboration of two French brothers, originating from Rennes, who specialize in pop art and street art. In response to the discovery of a rare disease affecting one of the two artists, they decided to leave everything behind and refocus their creative endeavors around the concept of "living life to the fullest, without regret, and without limits”.

With their collection of giant slides, which are reminiscent of Proust's madeleine, the brothers revisit iconic figures that have left an indelible mark on an entire generation. They contemplate what the art of each era can reveal about our relationship with the passing of time.

This same process fuels their thought-provoking uchronias, combining oil paintings with collage to depict the unlikely union of Marilyn and John. Mr Cute alters the course of history to envision what it could have been. Parodies and fictitious events are their preferred tools for crafting collections as astonishing as they are whimsical.

Mr. Cute draws inspiration from the likes of

Rauschenberg, Rosenquist, Warhol, and more.


Don't smoke! Don't drink! Don't touch drugs!

Their collection of paintings on drug packages, titled "Coke in Stock", collection open prompting discussions about societal issues linked to pop culture. From the French Connection to Pulp Fiction, passing through Scarface, Mr. Cute compels us to confront our own hypocrisy in the face of these scourges, such as addiction.

The subtlety and imagination in their work are sure to captivate America.


  Mr Cute Shop 

Please do not hesitate to ask us by email if a work from our 3 collections is available at the workshop (examples below)

forever young Jackie_edited.jpg

Collection "Huiles Uchroniques"

MR CUTE réinvente ses souvenirs de manière très surprenante avec le mariage de Marilyn et la famille Kennedy recomposée…

scarface coke en stock mr

Collection "Coke en Stock"

MR CUTE c'est la génération "French Connection", Scarface, Las Vegas Parano, Pulp Fiction ...or...Kate Moss !

Collection "Diapositives"

MR CUTE agite nos émotions cachées qui ressurgissent, nos madeleines de proust réapparaissent sous forme de diapositives géantes...

Collection "Diapositives"

MR CUTE agite nos émotions cachées qui ressurgissent, nos madeleines de proust réapparaissent sous forme de diapositives géantes...

Commandez ici le livre de MR CUTE avec une dédicace si vous le souhaitez

Order MR CUTE's book here with a dedication if you wish


Mr Cute, le duo d'artiste rennais dont l'atelier est installé à Paris se livre sans filtre, leur mère, la maladie, le making off de certaines diapositives, l'atelier, les oeuvres jamais diffusées, les classiques etc..


Mr Cute, the artist duo from Rennes whose workshop is based in Paris, speaks without filter, their mother, illness, the making of certain slides, the workshop, works never broadcast, the classics etc.


Tel. 06 84 52 00 89  |

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rosa parksversion 73x60 TEST MODERNISATION copie.jpg

Uchronia : Rosa Park discovering Obama Election

IMG_0833 (1).jpg

Rennes - Boulevarde de la liberté


galerie sakura & mr cute paris tableaux pop art copie.jpg

"Solo Show "Forever Young" à la galerie Sakura."


Miami Wynwood

mr cute pop art street art paris gainsbourg rue verneuil.jpg
mr cute love padlock mercury.jpg
le baiser mr cute parois street art paris pop culture paris france usa.JPG

Albator - Boulogne Billancourt

etienne daho mr cute rennes paris tombé pour la france streetarteverywhere.jpg

Etienne Daho - Rennes

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